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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – An East Tennessee organization that helps the homeless each week is getting some help from another local organization.

Care Cuts used to just give people haircuts once a month. Now, they do it once a week, along with providing a free manicure, hot meal, shower and any resources they may need like housing applications.

“We were living in a car. No food. No money and somebody told us to come here,” said volunteer Carol Reynolds.

Reynolds was homeless for nearly a year. Six months of that time was spent in her car with her son. This Sunday, though, she’s volunteering after she and her son just moved into an apartment.

“Coming here is the only way we know how to give back for the thankfulness of what we have got,” Reynolds said.

Marti Baker is the founder of Care Cuts and provides all of these resources for free.

Her group also collects clothing donations for people who are homeless can get each Sunday.

“Without donations and volunteers, we wouldn’t be here. It takes us all,” Baker said.

Other local groups want to get involved and have helped raise money for Care Cuts. Keller Williams Young Professions created a cause called Pints For Purpose where they raise money through events around the week.

On Sunday, they presented a check to Care Cuts for $1,800.

“That’s what we’re here to do to take care of other people who need to be taken care of and Marti embodies that,” said Justin Myers, president of KWYP. “I never imagined when we started this that we’d have this kind of impact.”

It’s not just local groups realizing what Marti does with Care Cuts. It’s also the people she’s serving.

“She helps me out a lot,” said Neuance Colquitt.

Even when people get off the street, they still come back to help others do the same.

Sunday’s donation will help Care Cuts provide one week’s worth of food and resources for the homeless.

If you’d like to help donate or volunteer, the group asks that you visit their website.

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